Zomby Unveils 'Ultra' Album with Burial, Darkstar

Zomby Unveils 'Ultra' Album with Burial, Darkstar
Zomby is shuffling his mortal coil to yet another record label, with it being announced today (June 30) that the UK dance figure will soon be unearthing new tunes through Hyperdub. An album titled Ultra climbs through the soil September 2.

A press release confirms that, following last year's pair of Let's Jam EPs for XL Recordings, Zomby is now ready to deliver his next full-length affair. It's his first since 2013's With Love, which had arrived through 4AD.

Zomby's 14-song return finds him crafting cuts solo, though there are a few other electronic artists on the release. Most notably, the mystery-shrouded Burial joins Zomby for "Sweetz." That collaboration also receives its own 10-inch release on July 29.

Elsewhere on the collection, Zomby shares the spotlight with Darkstar, Banshee, and Rezzett. A digital-only track titled "Tenkyuu" finds the producer palling around with Hong Kong Express.

Samples from Ultra have yet to arrive, but you can revisit Let's Jam highlight "Acid Surf" below.


1. Reflection 
2. Burst 
3. Fly 2 (ft. Banshee) 
4. E.S.P. 05. I 
6. Glass 
7. Sweetz (ft. Burial) 
8. Her 
9. Quandary (ft. Darkstar) 
10. Freeze 
11. Yeti 
12. S.D.Y.F. (ft. Rezzett) 
13. Thaw
14. Tenkyuu (ft. Hong Kong Express) *

* digital only