Zachary Lucky Midwestern

Zachary Lucky Midwestern
Zachary Lucky's new album, Midwestern, opens with the lines "There was a time when I used to run / But I don't run anymore." It's a wistful sentiment that repeats throughout the album, where even the lighthearted songs emit a hint of sorrow.
Midwestern is Lucky's maturation into parenthood, and the lyrics are honest reflections on contemporary domesticity. For Lucky, this adjustment includes moving away from his childhood home, the prairies. Songs like "Moments of Time," "Raining in December" and "Sometimes I Wonder (How I Got This Far)" reflect the longing for a previous lifestyle that any parent would find relatable.
Midwestern's old-school country charms are timeless. The arrangements are beautiful, if a bit generic; Lucky doesn't try to reinvent the wheel here, wisely opting for a stripped-down approach that highlights his storytelling strengths.
Lucky's vocals are husky and welcoming, as comforting as the warm cup of black coffee and over-easy eggs he reminisces about on the album's opening track. Like the simpler times it longs for, Midwestern is a charming experience worth revisiting. (Independent)