Wiley Says 'Godfather' Is "My Last Album, in Theory"

Wiley Says 'Godfather' Is 'My Last Album, in Theory'
Wiley is set to release his new Godfather LP at the end of this week, but before the disc is even out, the grime vet has said that the record will be his last.

In a new interview with Noisey, the MC said: "This is my last album, in theory. You know, Wiley the brand, you're not going to see me trying to cane the arse out of tens of Wileys, you will not. I'll always use my money to do other, smart things."

That said, he was quick to divulge a series of other projects that are on deck, including mentoring younger MCs, in addition to projects with JME and J2K.

"I'm just trying to get to 40 [years old]," he continued. "You know, the only person I know who can say 'You know what, I am a don' in England because of what they do musically is Adele. She really does get paid from music, do you understand?"

FACT points out that it isn't the first time the MC has made such claims, having also said he would retire following 2013's The Ascent and 2014's Snakes and Ladders. Wiley also touched on the success of Skepta, Stormzy and other young grime artists, in addition to the possibility of a Boy Better Know album in the full interview, which you can find here.

Godfather arrives on January 13 through CTA Records. Revisit the video for album cut "U Were Always" below.