Watch Iggy Pop's Mac DeMarco-directed Video for "Sonali"

Watch Iggy Pop's Mac DeMarco-directed Video for 'Sonali'
In case you were wondering how these times could possibly become any stranger, Mac DeMarco has now directed a new music video for Iggy Pop.

DeMarco has helmed the "officially unofficial" visuals for "Sonali," which star his girlfriend Kiera McNally and Tommy Midnight as lizard people.

In the bit of scaly surrealism, Midnight's character finds himself in the relatable situation of trying to beat gridlock en route to seeing that special someone. Not only does his commute involve a fuzzy pink Benz, but he also finds time to honk out a sweet sax solo as the sun sets over the freeway.

"Sonali" comes from Pop's latest solo albumĀ Free, which is out now through Loma Vista. Read our recent interview with Pop.