Twilight Singers A Stitch in Time

Lest anyone doubt that Greg Dulli’s the Twilight Singers are one of the planet’s coolest and hardest working rock bands, with their last tour barely behind them they’ve already recorded this EP of covers and collaborations as a stop-gap between discs. Featuring five songs, A Stitch in Time features the Twilight Singers teaming with former Screaming Trees bellower Mark Lanegan on Dulli’s seemingly odd but totally consistent choice of obscure covers: "Live With Me” (Massive Attack) and "Flashback” (Fat Freddy’s Drop). His throaty growl lends itself perfectly to the band’s soulful gutter rock treatments. Dulli’s former Afghan Whig band-mates Joseph Arthur and Rick McCollum lend writing support on two tracks, with Arthur lending his voice to his track, "Sublime,” with Dulli sole-penning just one track. But as with most Twilight Singers releases, it’s the quality not the quantity that matters. And as with all their releases, this one has quality by the boatloads. Next up is a full-length Lanegan-Dulli collaboration being released under the name the Gutter Twins. Take that Steven Tyler and Joe Perry. (One Little Indian)