Toronto's Kiwi Jr. Sign to Sub Pop, Share New Single "Undecided Voters"

The band will release their full-length label debut in 2021
Toronto's Kiwi Jr. Sign to Sub Pop, Share New Single 'Undecided Voters'
Toronto-based indie rockers Kiwi Jr. have signed to Sub Pop Records ahead of releasing their follow-up full-length album to 2019's Football Money. Alongside the news, they've shared a new single titled "Undecided Voters," as well as an accompanying Ben Rayner-directed video.

The video follows the debate between two horse jockeys as they vie for voter attention at a community church. The comical debate between the candidates shines a light on the absurdity of the current state of democracy.

"You take a photo of the CN Tower / You take another of the Honest Ed's sign," one candidate sings in the debate. "While I take photos of your photos / And they really move people I know online," the opposition counters.

The band elaborated on the release in a statement:

We all know UNDECIDED VOTERS: democracy's driftwood, the third planks in the flotsam that purple the pie chart, always on sight and never a part of the scene. Placing imminent demise neatly to one side, KIWI JR. concentrate on the real issues: the terrible alliance between King Crab and the timezones; 3D printing causing mass sculptor redundancies; and the playlist at the Duane Reade. After all, who is it we're really voting for: Spartacus or the dead?

Their forthcoming label debut is set to arrive sometime next year internationally through Sub Pop and in Canada through the band's Kiwi Club imprint. Kiwi Jr.'s debut album was released last year through Mint Records/Persona Non Grata.

Watch their new video for "Undecided Voters" below.