Toro y Moi Returns with 'Boo Boo' LP, Shares "Girl Like You"

The album was born from the "idea of space within music"
Toro y Moi Returns with 'Boo Boo' LP, Shares 'Girl Like You'
After linking up with the Mattson 2 for some Star Stuff earlier this year, Chaz Bundick has lifted the curtain on his next release as Toro y Moi. Titled Boo Boo, Bundick's latest album under the moniker arrives on July 7 through Carpark.

Boo Boo runs 12 tracks in length and was born from Bundick "becoming self conscious about my position in life as a 'famous' person, or at least my version of whatever that is." As he explains in a statement, working through the identity crisis found him turning to ambient music as therapy.

"I'd listen to the same ambient song over and over again, trying to insulate myself from reality. I fell in love with space again," he wrote. "By the time I felt ready to begin working on a new record, I knew that this idea of space within music would be something that propelled my new work forward."

Bundick cites "everyone from Travis Scott to Daft Punk, Frank Ocean to Oneohtrix Point Never, Kashif and Gigi Masin" as influences on the record after finding that "the common thread between these artists was their attention to a feeling of space, or lack thereof."

Boo Boo is available for pre-order here. Read through the tracklisting to hear "Girl Like You" in the player below.

Boo Boo:

1. Mirage
2. No Show
3. Mona Lisa
4. Pavement
5. Don't Try
6. Windows
7. Embarcadero
8. Girl Like You
9. You and I
10. Labyrinth
11. Inside My Head
12. W.I.W.W.T.W.