Roots Manuva Returns with '4everevolution'

Roots Manuva Returns with '4everevolution'
Following the release of Duppy Writer last year, eternally prolific UK dub and hip-hop artist Roots Manuva has revealed details for his seventh studio full-length.

The album is called 4everevolution and features an impressive 17 new tracks. According to a press release, the album "covers every style, from wonky reggae through to pop-funk, street spitting, straight-up hip-hop, sung ballads and epic death disco" and "might be his best album... (sshh) ever."

4everevolution will be available on September 26 in the UK and Europe, and October 11 in North America via Big Dada. Album track "Watch Me Dance" can be streamed below or downloaded here in exchange for your email address.


1. "First Growth"

2. "Here We Go Again"

3. "Skid Valley"

4. "Who Goes There?"

5. "Watch Me Dance"

6. "Revelation"

7. "Wha" Mek?"

8. "Takes Time To"

9. "Beyond This World"

10. "Go Champ"

11. "Get The Get"

12. "Crow Bars"

13. "In The Throes Of It"

14. "Noddy"

15. "Much Too Plush"

16. "The Path"

17. "Banana Skank"