RMR's "Rascal" Video Will Become Your New Obsession

The viral country rap anthem, which samples Rascal Flatts and features the refrain "fuck 12," has already been remixed by Ryan Hemsworth
RMR's 'Rascal' Video Will Become Your New Obsession
There's nothing more exciting than seeing a star being born in real time, and that's most certainly what happened when RMR released his "Rascal" music video late last night (February 26).

The song is a twinkly piano ballad that touches on everything from Vanessa Carlton to modern pop country (it's built on a sample of "Bless This Broken Road" by Rascal Flatts), both of which set the perfect backdrop for RMR's star-making voice. The whole thing is juxtaposed with shots of dudes in ski masks pointing assault weapons at the camera.

It's the sort of contrast that would have felt ironic at one point in history, but the end result is a song that warrants endless replays and feels entirely authentic. You'll have a hard time not watching this over and over again, and an even harder time not singing along when RMR belts out "Fuck the boys in blue."

It hasn't even been out for 24 hours yet, but Ryan Hemsworth made sure to get in on the ground floor with a remix. He's turned the track into a soft rock anthem that you'd hear in a poorly lit retail environment on the aptly titled "Ryan Hemsworth Grocery Store Bootleg." There's also an excellent chopped version of the video.

Check out all three items below. RMR told the FADER that he's set to drop a new EP called Drug Dealing Is a Lost Art this spring. He's also releasing a new single inspired by Matchbox 20 next week.