Ralph Goes Full '90s Nostalgia with Cover of Jennifer Paige's "Crush"

Watch the blackpowerbarbie-animated visual short
Ralph Goes Full '90s Nostalgia with Cover of Jennifer Paige's 'Crush'
Toronto producer Ralph — a.k.a. Raffaela Weyman — has shared a new cover of Jennifer Paige's 1998 hit, "Crush," alongside a new animated video from multidisciplinary artist blackpowerbarbie.

The video is an ode to pre-teen culture in the '90s — showing a tween girl drinking cans of Crush, flipping through the pages of Y2K, jumping on her bed with crimped hair and looking at posters of pop stars.

"I remember being a kid and being obsessed with this world of sweet female pop music. Mandy Moore, Robyn, the Cardigans... and 'Crush' by Jennifer Paige," Ralph explained in a release. "I had a babysitter named Kelly who I idolized. She drove a blue convertible and chewed gum and would play 'Crush' in the car. The song made me feel cool and flirty and powerful, and years later, I wanted to try and recreate that feeling."

Ralph's latest release was her 2019 EP, Flashbacks and Fantasies.

More recently, Weyman made a guest appearance on the inaugural season of Canada's Drag Race.

Watch the video for "Crush" below.