Offset Promises a Short Solo Album: "I'm Not Going to Go 20 Deep"

The effort is set to arrive next month
Offset Promises a Short Solo Album: 'I'm Not Going to Go 20 Deep'
A common knock against MigosCulture II this year was its length, as listeners felt the album's 24-track, 106-minute runtime was an obvious play to game streaming services. However, Offset says fans shouldn't be concerned when it comes to his forthcoming solo effort.

Speaking with Billboard, Offset said, "I'm not going to go 20 deep, that's when you lose the people. That's a scared way to go about it like, 'I don't know what's going to work, so I'm going to pile this shit on.' The lower numbers for sure."

He added: "We did that for Culture II because you got the best group in the guys, and we all got to get our points across. Nobody wants to hear 95 songs, because the next day or week someone else is dropping another 95."

Offset's yet-to-be-titled solo LP is slated to arrive December 14, coinciding with the MC's birthday. It follows Quavo's solo debut Quavo Huncho and Takeoff's The Last Rocket.

Offset also expanded on the album's subject matter, hinting at a side of his pen game listeners may not have seen before:

I could give you a little content, but I don't want to spill the beans, beans, beans. I'm talking about relevant situations that have occurred over the last 18 or 24 months, like me being in the crash, my kids, my family time and me being married. There's different parts of my life. The ups and downs of being in music, the feeling of people doubting me and being the underdog to becoming the big dog. 

I'm not really talking too much about Pateks and Lambos because it's not relatable. That's almost like bubblegum rap now, how the people are accepting it. They just get two days of playing it, then it's over with. This can last and people can feel it.

Elsewhere in the interview, Offset confirmed the album will only feature himself, saying, "No features, I'm coming by myself. Solo album, I'm coming with the shit." He also said he would have no singles released ahead of time.

You can read his entire conversation with Billboard here.