Oceano Get In Van Accident, Drop Off "Sinner's Reward" Tour

Oceano Get In Van Accident, Drop Off 'Sinner's Reward' Tour
Sometimes a tour name can be ominous. Earache Records artists Oceano are quickly learning that reality. Set to be a part of the current Sinner's Reward Tour with xLiferuinerx and Through The Fire, the band have been forced to unexpectedly drop off at the last minute after a freakish accident.

According to a recent press release, guitarist Andrew Mikhail and bassist Jason Jones were in the midst of returning home to load a recently-purchased (as in, ten minutes prior) van and trailer for the tour. Moments after leaving the sales office, the van was pushed off course by high winds, hit ice and flipped into a ditch.

While neither Mikhail nor Jones was seriously injured, the accident has forced the deathcore quintet to drop off the tour until necessary repairs can be finished and fines for causing a public uproar can be paid. The band are hopeful that they will be back on track for dates with Carnifex, Too Pure To Die and Catalepsy kicking off January 28. Some reward for these "sinners," huh?

The band are appealing to the good natured sorts by asking for donations from fans, which can be made via PayPal to xlunarxabyssx@yahoo.com. Oceano's Earache debut Depths is slated for release this coming March. Let's hope they can stay alive long enough to see it.

Oceano with Carnifex, Too Pure To Die and Catalepsy:

1/28 Louisville, KY - Bulldog Cafe
1/29 Nashville, TN - The Muse - Nashville, Tennessee
1/30 Crossville, TN - Cumberland Community Complex
1/31 Douglasville, GA - The 7 Venue
2/1 Selma, AL - The Armory
2/2 Jackson, MS - The Bomb Shelter
2/3 Metairie, LA - The High Ground
2/4 Panama City Beach, FL - Beamer's
2/5 Macon, GA - Macon Venue Project
2/6 Orlando, FL - Island Oasis
2/7 Jacksonville, FL - Fuel Coffeehouse
2/8 Fort Myers, FL - Rockstarz Music Venue
2/9 TBA, FL - TBA
2/10 Tampa, FL - Transitions Art Gallery
2/11 Augusta, GA - Sector 7G
2/12 Wilmington, NC - Lucky's Pub
2/13 Baltimore, MD - Jaxx
2/15 Montclair, NJ - The Meatlocker
2/16 Charleroi, PA - Club Octane
2/17 Cleveland, OH - Peabody's (Pirate's Cove)
2/18 Grand Rapids, MI - Mixtape Cafe
2/19 Knoxville, TN - Halls Rec Center

Oceano "District Of Misery"