METZ Turn "Framed by the Comet's Tail" into an Isolation Home Movie

The song appears on their latest album 'Atlas Vending'
METZ Turn 'Framed by the Comet's Tail' into an Isolation Home Movie
Following the release of their fourth studio album Atlas Vending earlier this year, METZ have returned with a new music video attached to the effort, with drummer Hayden Menzies stepping into the director's role for "Framed by the Comet's Tail."

Shot on his phone and edited at home, the video was created from entirely original footage. "It's not a literal interpretation of the song by any means, but a document of random firing synapses of the mind during isolation," Menzies explained in a statement.

Watch their new video for "Framed by the Comet's Tail" below.

So far, METZ have shared several videos from the record, including "Blind Youth Industrial Park," "Hail Taxi" and "A Boat to Drown In." Read Exclaim!'s 8/10 review of Atlas Vending, out now via Royal Mountain/Sub Pop.