M.I.A. Clarifies Her Stance on Vaccines

"I'm not against vaccines. I'm against companies who care more for profit then humans"
M.I.A. Clarifies Her Stance on Vaccines
Last week, outspoken pop experimenter M.I.A. stoked some flames of controversy when she suggested she was against vaccines. Now, she's clarified her stance a little.

While M.I.A. previously tweeted that she'd "choose death" over a coronavirus vaccine, she's now clarified that she was mostly taking issue with the big pharmaceutical companies that manufacture the vaccines:
Rather than leave it at that, she also dropped a reference to the conspiracy theory suggesting that coronavirus is linked to the rollout of 5G networks around the world:

M.I.A. recently launched a Patreon profile to release new work and become a "truth dispenser." She shared the new song "OHMNI202091" behind her paywall.