Hear the Minds of CFCF and Jean-Michel Blais Meet on RBMA Radio

Hear the Minds of CFCF and Jean-Michel Blais Meet on RBMA Radio
This year marked major career achievements for both producer CFCF and pianist Jean-Michel Blais, with the former earning a Grammy nomination (for Best Remixed Recording) for his version of Max Richter's violin piece "Berlin by Overnight," while the latter explored musical territory between ambient and modern classical on Il, his debut LP for Arts & Crafts.

As part of the 2016 edition of Red Bull Music Academy, taking place in Montreal until October 28, the two musical minds met this morning (October 3) on RBMA Radio as part of Red Bull's Encounters series, which provides "music's true masterminds a space for conversation and reflection."

Along with the radio conversation, the two will collaborate for the first time in a live setting on October 5 at Cinquième Salle (Place des Arts), promising a look at the similarities and differences of their crafts through CFCF's live remixes of Blais's piano performances.

"Our setup is very simple and uncomplicated, in the spirit of minimalism: Jean-Michel's piano, and my laptop with a couple of MIDI controllers, with the piano mic'd and running into my audio interface," CFCF explained in a statement. "Musically the set is a blend of our catalogs, with a couple pieces that are light and improvisational in nature, and others that are very composed and fleshed out, and quite electronic. We'll perform an arrangement of my remix of 'Berlin by Overnight' as well as incorporating pieces by Steve Reich and John Cage. Overall I think our focus has been on creating an emotionally engaging and melodic set with hints of minimalist approach."

Tickets for the collaborative performance cost $21.50 and can be purchased here. Tune in to the Encounters conversation between Blais and CFCF in the player below.