Graham Coxon Set to Release New Solo Album

Graham Coxon Set to Release New Solo Album
If reuniting with Blur wasn't already enough to keep Graham Coxon busy, the Brit has announced he's returning with another solo album. Entitled The Spinning Top, Coxon is set to release the new record in the UK on May 11 via Transgressive Records. It was recorded last spring with Stephen Street (the Smiths, Blur) and features guest appearances from the likes of Robyn Hitchcock and Danny Thompson, as well as as a big ol' concept to carry the record along.

Apparently, The Spinning Top follows the story of a man's life from birth to death, Coxon says via a statement, with several singers lending their voices to certain album characters, such as Coxon's friend Lucy supplying the voice of "the wife" and Welsh operatic soprano Natasha Marsh channelling the voice of "the Medea-like enchantress."

Coxon explains: "The album is mainly an acoustic journey although there is, of course, some explosive electric guitar action. I wanted to show how exciting acoustic instruments can be, how dynamic and rich and heart-thumpingly raw they can sound at a time when acoustic music seems either too cute or too soppy."

The album will be followed by the single "Sorrow's Army" on May 18 and a limited edition single of the track "In the Morning" will be released as an etched ten-inch as part of Record Store Day on April 18.

No tracklisting has been revealed yet for The Spinning Top but a few intimate live shows are to go down in the UK in May, followed by a full tour in the fall.