Fucked Up's 'Rivoli' Is an Iconically Canadian Live Album

Fucked Up's 'Rivoli' Is an Iconically Canadian Live Album
Bands don't get much more Canadian than Fucked Up. Recorded at the landmark Rivoli club in Toronto back in 2014, Rivoli is exactly what you think it is: a killer live album from a beloved band, recorded in an iconic spot.

Released alongside a new mixtape, Fucked Up are now giving us exactly what we want with this epic live album. Featuring songs like "Queen of Hearts," "Glass Boys," and "David Comes to Live," as well as a few deeper cuts, there is no doubt that this was a solid show.

The only real complaint about this record is the same one that hampers nearly live recording, B-sides collection or remix album: that it would been awesome to get a proper new album. While lockdown is a time for a lot of bands to roll out previously unreleased stuff, there's no new material to devour here, and fans will likely already be familiar with the work.

Still, when it comes to live albums, this is a good one, and fans of the band should definitely check it out.