Esther Rose You Made It This Far

Esther Rose You Made It This Far
The latest release by New Orleans singer-songwriter Esther Rose, You Made It This Far, is the perfect soundtrack for your next summertime road trip or backyard corn roast. The album's ten tracks possess a timeless charm, alternating between catchy upbeat toe-tappers and dreamy shuffles — all infused with classic country spirit.
Rose's style marries classic country twang with the upbeat fun of indie folk; even the most sentimental songs maintain a strong back beat. Cameron Snyder's drums are simple yet effective. You won't be crying in your beer listening to this album, but you might spill some on your way to the dance floor.
The album was recorded live, and features some excellent session musicians. Tasteful harmonies, lap steel, electric guitar and fiddle complement Esther Rose's vocals and acoustic guitar. The album balances these elements with minimalist production that captures the energy of a live performance without compromising quality.
Strong songs, interesting melodies, and thoughtful lyrics — this isn't an album filled with laundry lists of clichés like beer and pickup trucks. These are stories — sweet, sensitive, sensual stories pulled from the heart. (Father/Daughter)