DJ Shub Connects with Nature and Mother Earth in His New "Smoke Dance Three" Video

Watch the latest clip in support of his album 'War Club'
DJ Shub Connects with Nature and Mother Earth in His New 'Smoke Dance Three' Video
With DJ Shub's War Club now among us, the former A Tribe Called Red member is showing it off some via a new video for the record's "Smoke Dance Three."

As you'll witness, the clip is a performance style video, which was shot in the great outdoors in Fort Erie, ON, at the Fort Erie Native Friendship Centre in November 2020. Along with Shub, the video features Indigenous Powwow dancers from Southern Ontario dressed in traditional regalia amidst quite the forest-set light show.

As a press release explains, "The video represents a connection to nature and Mother Earth, themes that arch throughout DJ Shub's album War Club."

Overall, the video is intended to replicate a live performance, simultaneously placing the viewer in the middle of an immersive dance experience and also DJ Shub at the decks.

In a statement, Shub said the following:

The Smoke Dance songs, they mixed so well with Chicago juke style footwork. Its' so cool and it's so close to traditional smoke dancing footwork. So there's these cool connections I'm making with these genres, when I put them together its magic. I love doing that, I love trying to find things that you wouldn't think to fit together, making it come together and sound pretty cool.

Smoke Dance songs traditionally are usually pretty quick. They're not long songs. So I thought it'd be cool to have them. Short smoke dance songs like they would on a traditional album but with my spin so I kept them very quick. They're just kind of short hitters, that's why there's three of them on the album. It's a throwback to those traditional songs.

Watch the "Smoke Dance Three" video for yourself down below.

War Club is out now through his own Shub Music imprint.