Chopped Liver Chopped Liver

Chopped Liver Chopped Liver
One look at Chopped Liver's artwork communicates everything you need to know about this album: the band are from the Toronto area, the boys are traditionalists, and they sure have a sense of humour about themselves.
Chopped Liver's eponymous album is their debut; 11 original tracks are credited collectively to the band's four members. The songs are fresh yet comfortably familiar, with lyrics clever and charming, complemented by melodies that are in turn swift, sweet and melancholy.
Although there is no percussion or electric instrumentation, the band's high-energy playing, layered vocal harmonies and syncopated banjo rolls will keep even the most casual bluegrass fan interested. Aficionados will appreciate the band's traditional approach, though newcomers may find their attention waning by the final track.
Like the dish its named after, Chopped Liver is undoubtedly humble. The lead vocals are gentle, and the instrument solos are tasteful. This is a solid effort by an up-and-coming group. (Independent)