Cap'n Jazz Reunite in Chicago

Cap'n Jazz Reunite in Chicago
The rumours were partially true when we reported that influential emo trailblazers Cap'n Jazz would be reuniting. While the initial reports suggested they would be getting together for a full-fledged tour, guitarist Davey von Bohlen was quick to shoot down those rumours, saying there were "no definite 'plans,' per se." Then, with little notice, the band went ahead and played a four-song set in Chicago on Friday (January 22).

The set, which took place at Chicago's Empty Bottle, was part of an album release show for Joan of Arc, the current band of Cap'n Jazz ringleader Tim Kinsella. Listed on the poster as "Local Cover Band," fans reportedly went ballistic to hear the quintet bust out a four-song, 15-minute set. In that brief amount of time, they were able to play "Little League," "Oh Messy Life," "We Are Scientists" and "Que Suerte."

 The AV Club caught wind of the reunion on Thursday night (January 21), so Friday's humble ten-dollar show was jammed with people. While the rumours continue to spread that the band will tour this summer, no official word has come from the Cap'n Jazz camp.

Fortunately, the Chicago set was heavily documented. An amateur recording of the set can be downloaded here [via True/Slant], and a video of "Oh Messy Life" can be seen below.

Cap'n Jazz reunion @ Empty Bottle 1/22/10 from jessica hopper on Vimeo.