Canadian Driver Blames Mötley Crüe for Speeding Ticket

"Always got the cops coming after me"
Canadian Driver Blames Mötley Crüe for Speeding Ticket
A motorist in Manitoba has learned the hard way that you can't use Mötley Crüe's high-octane classic "Kickstart My Heart" as an excuse to drive well over the speed limit.

As the RCMP in Manitoba posted on Facebook, a driver was pulled over after clocking in at 145 km/h. His excuse was that the Dr. Feelgood cut was on the radio.

"Funny enough, our officer knew he was telling the truth, since he was also listening to it — just at a much slower & safer speed," the RCMP wrote, revealing that the driver was then handed a $639 fine.

Perhaps a more shocking takeaway is that the driver was able to get a Dodge Caravan up to that speed, but when the Crüe is blaring, sometimes the lead foot has no other option.

Lately, Machine Gun Kelly was linked to a Mötley Crüe biopic, while drummer Tommy Lee went after Travis Scott online for allegedly jacking his stage show.