Cadence Weapon Shares Rare Mixtapes, Full Catalogue on Bandcamp

He's also asking listeners to "stay tuned" for new material
Cadence Weapon Shares Rare Mixtapes, Full Catalogue on Bandcamp
Photo: Mark Sommerfeld
Cadence Weapon recently gave us a look at what he's been up to in isolation, and the Canadian has now served up some remastered rarities for listeners also stuck indoors.

Today, the MC has uploaded his complete discography to Bandcamp, with the inclusion of three hard-to-find early career mixtapes.

Alongside his four studio albums and a few singles, debut 2005 mixtape Cadence Weapon Is the Black Hand, 2009's Separation Anxiety and 2010's Tron Legacy: The Mixtape are now available to purchase and stream.

All three mixtapes include accompanying notes from Cadence Weapon. As he points out, his 2005 debut now includes a pair of bonus remixes, while Separation Anxiety arrives online after first seeing release as CD-R while on tour with Owen Pallett in 2008.

The aforementioned Tron Legacy tape, which includes feature spots from Shad, Buck 65TOPS' David Carriere and more, also features newly remastered audio.

As Cadence Weapon explained of that effort, "By far my sketchiest release, this was a satirical attempt at making a classic DatPiff-style rap mixtape where the rapper just latches onto whatever movie was out at the time. I never even saw this film. I recorded the mixtape in my bedroom in Montreal and laughed a lot while making it. It's me rapping over the beats of the day with a little help from a few friends."

You can comb through Cadence Weapon's Bandcamp page here. In sharing the uploads, he also teased the arrival of new material through the page, asking listeners to "stay tuned."

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