Badge Époque Ensemble's Max Turnbull Announces New Album as Badge Epoch

Listen to "Galactic Whip" from 'Scroll'
Badge Époque Ensemble's Max Turnbull Announces New Album as Badge Epoch
Max Turnbull has taken on many musical forms over the years — he's recorded music as Slim Twig, led Badge Époque Ensemble, and been a member of U.S. Girls, Darlene Shrugg and the Cosmic Range. Now, he's bringing facets of all of those projects together for Scroll, his first album as Badge Epoch, due for release on August 20 via Telephone Explosion.

The 90-minute, 2-LP release is described by Turnbull in a press release as "a cosmic hodge-podge of funk, jazz, ambient techno, aggressive guitarmonized rawk, musique concrète, and hip-hop." Turnbull recorded many sketches and jams before handing them over to Andrew Zukerman, also known as Fleshtone Aura, who assembled the recordings into four distinct sides of music.

Recordings were culled from a variety of sessions with different players, including many members of the Cosmic Range and Badge Époque Ensemble, most of whom are credited both individually and as members of their respective groups depending on the track. 

Scroll's expansive scope is exemplified by opening track and lead single "Galactic Whip," a cosmic, retrofuturist voyage through funk, jazz and space rock clocking in at nearly 12 minutes. The accompanying video traverses across the starry expanse of space as Zukerman's melting face illustrations emerge from the ether, whizzing by at warp speed.

Trip out to the "Galactic Whip" video below, where you'll also find the lengthy tracklist.


1. Galactic Whip (ft. Jay Anderson, Andy Haas, Tony Price, Ed Squires)
2. Personality (ft. Calvin Cheng)
3. Perception Supremacy (ft. Matthew 'Doc' Dunn)
4. Consensus Reality (ft. Badge Époque Ensemble)
5. Dark Gardening
6. Fundamentalism (ft. the Cosmic Range, Michael Rault, Dennis Passley, Ed Squires)
7. Freedom
8. Experiences (ft. Dennis Passley, Louis Percival)
9. Prison of Purpose
10. Egyptian Licorice (ft. the Cosmic Range, Alia O'Brien, Michael Rault, Ed Squires)
11. Please (ft. the Cosmic Range Ed Squires)
12. Every Thought is a Prayer (ft. Alia O'Brien)
13. Partition (ft. Alia O'Brien, Ed Squires)
14. Impregnable Cloud
15. Consciousness Returned (ft. Tony Price)
16. Fruit Cocktail in Heavy Syrup (ft. the Cosmic Range, Michael Rault)
17. You Will Find
18. Deers in the Cemetery
19. Empty Light (ft. Ed Squires)
20. Ask for a Void (ft. Alia O'Brien)

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