Aesop Rock "Blood Sandwich" (video)

Aesop Rock 'Blood Sandwich' (video)
Ahead of issuing his The Impossible Kid LP in full, veteran rapper Aesop Rock is revisiting some childhood trauma in a raw and reflective music video for the record's "Blood Sandwich."

Directed by Rob Shaw, the clip finds a reclusive, cabin-stationed Aesop Rock immersing himself in vintage home movies.

As the song's whirl of digital bell hits, beats and guitar cycles through the ether, the rapper unravels a narrative about a right twisted memory of a Little League coach interrupting a game to play real-life whack-a-mole. The messed-up authority figure discards a rodent carcass in a dumpster, much to the horror of the surrounding kids and parents.

The second verse reinterprets the misery Rock's older brother went through after their mom forbid him from hitting up a Ministry concert.

You can stroll through the memories below, while the new Aesop Rock LP hits stores April 29 through Rhymesayers.