The Aerosmith Saga Continues as Steven Tyler Requests Two-Year Break

The Aerosmith Saga Continues as Steven Tyler Requests Two-Year Break
Yesterday (November 11), we reported that all of this Aerosmith feuding came to a happy end when front-man Steven Tyler stormed the stage at a Joe Perry Experience concert to announce that he wasn't leaving the band. While it would have been nice to close the case with Tyler's poetic statement that "I, motherfucker, am the rainbow," it appears that the band's internal struggles continue.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Perry revealed that he was not expecting Tyler to show up at his band's concert. "There was all this commotion during our encore break and somebody said, 'Steven is here.'" Perry said. "And I was like, 'What?'"

When Tyler asked to perform "Walk This Way" with the band, Perry obliged. "Being an acquaintance of 40 years, I said, 'Why not?' So he came up and sang and that was the last I saw of him."

Perry goes on to say that, despite Tyler's statements, there's a good chance that the band will be auditioning for a new vocalist. "He wants to take two years off from the band," he said. "The rest of the band want to keep on working. We have so many different options to fill up that time. Anything is possible at this point. Basically, any communication that we've had over the last couple of months has been through managers, so that's been pretty strange... I never won any money trying to second-guess what goes on in Steven's mind. I guess this is just Aerosmith business as usual."

So we're back where we started, with the future of Aerosmith uncertain. There is one thing that's for sure in this situation, however: we're not going to mention Aerosmith again for as long as we can help it.