Aasiva Wonders Where She'll Go with New Single "Namu"

The track is out today via Aakuluk Music
Aasiva Wonders Where She'll Go with New Single 'Namu'
Inuk songwriter and 2019 Indigenous Music Awards nominee, Aasiva, has shared a new single titled "Namu" through the Jerry Cans' Nancy Mike, Steve Rigby and Andrew Morrison's Nunavut record labelAakuluk Music.

"I wrote this song while I was in Nunavik for a festival," the artist born Colleen Nakashuk said of the track. "This was at the very beginning of my independent artist career and I had many shows lined up. I was very excited to be an artist full time, and I just kept wondering, where will my music take me?"

She added: "Also, I feel like this is a question that we ask ourselves, 'Where are we going? What are we going to do next?' That was my inspiration for this song."

Produced by Jace Lasek of the Besnard Lakes, the song also features beatboxing by Nunavut rapper FxckMr.

Listen to "Namu" below.


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