​Watch Adam Sandler and His Kids Sing Taylor Swift's "Lover"

"We can leave the Hanukkah lights up 'til January"
​Watch Adam Sandler and His Kids Sing Taylor Swift's 'Lover'
Adam Sandler and his daughters performed an unexpected Taylor Swift cover at a benefit this weekend, and it is the most adorable thing ever.
After taking his 10-year-old Sunny and 13-year-old Sadie to see Swift perform at Saturday Night Live over the weekend, Sandler and his girls attended the Rock4EB! fundraiser in Malibu last night (October 6), when they did their very best Swift impressions.
With Sandler on guitar, Sunny and Sadie performed "Lover" for a crowd of A-listers like Julia Roberts, Sean Penn and Rami Malek.

They even switched up some of the lyrics with lines that had Dad's fingerprints all over them — like leaving "the Hanukkah lights up 'til January" and "at every table, I'll save you a matzo ball soup."
Other performers during the show included Eddie Vedder and Judd Apatow.

Watch footage of Sandler and his daughters' heartwarming performance below.