Vince Staples Has Two New Albums and a Netflix Series on the Way

A self-titled LP and 'Ramona Park Broke My Heart' are coming soon
Vince Staples Has Two New Albums and a Netflix Series on the Way
When it comes new music, Vince Staples has largely been quiet since a 2019 string of singles behind his Vince Staples Show, but as a new interview with the artist reveals, the arrival of two new albums will change that soon enough.

A new GQ interview between Staples and Desus Nice points to a self-titled album arriving this summer, which will be followed by another LP titled Ramona Park Broke My Heart. If that somehow wasn't enough, the publication also points to "a Netflix show bearing his name on the horizon."

While other details on the releases are slim, the Vince Staples album would mark the Long Beach artist's first project since FM!, which Exclaim! named one of the Top 10 Hip-Hop Albums of 2019.

In 2019, Staples inked a new record deal with Motown Records via Blacksmith RecordingsFM! completed a three-album deal the artist had previously signed with Def Jam, through which he released 2015 full-length debut Summertime '06 and 2017's Big Fish Theory.

Singles that arrived alongside The Vince Staples Show in 2019 include "So What?," "Sheet Music" and "Hellbound."

The complete GQ interview finds Staples discussing life throughout the pandemic, his career to this point and fearsome Long Beach raccoons. You can read it here, ahead of discovering 10 things the artist can't live without below.