Vancouver's Brutal Poodle Announce Debut EP 'Long Time No See'

Listen to "Amateurs of the Universe" and "Summer of '89" from the Slow Learners/Jock Tears offshoot
Vancouver's Brutal Poodle Announce Debut EP 'Long Time No See'
Despite only playing their first show in February, Vancouver power-pop punks Brutal Poodle are hitting us with their debut EP. Titled Long Time No See, the tape/digital release is set to arrive on November 3.

Made up of guitarist/vocalist John Johnston, bassist/vocalist Karmin Poirier and drummer Dustin Bromley, the band is an offshoot of Vancouver groups such as Jock Tears, Slow Learners and SBDC. Long Time No See was recorded and mixed by Johnston and "mastered by robots" earlier this year.

According to the band, "The recording offers a sweet and gloomy assortment of songs about the echoes of love, social anxiety and broken cowboys. On Long Time No See, the trio bring forth moments of driving power-pop and jangly melodies that call out into the night and beyond. The music is built from a wide sonic palette inspired by everything from late '80s American punk and indie rock to the spatial sounds of Krautrock."

Already, you can hear the release's lead singles "Amateurs of the Universe" and "Summer of '89," which you can check out below, along with the tape's art by Al MacKinnon.

Brutal Poodle will be playing a tape release show on November 3 at Vancouver's SBC with Dead Soft, Dumb and MALK. For now, though, you can hear those two teaser tracks below. You can also order the release here.

Johnston has also offered the following statement about the new Brutal Poodle release:

This is the first time I have ever recorded my own band for a release and the experience has renewed my respect for all of the amazing producers/audio engineers I have been lucky enough to work with in the past. Whenever I've talked to people about what I'm doing, the common response has been something like "Oh man! That's so cool. You'll have total control over what you are doing!" But I would think to myself… What good is having total control of an airplane if you don't know how to fly it? So I take full ownership of my newness in the recording game and extend my sincere thanks to everyone who has given me tips along the way.

The project has pulled me out of my comfort zone and challenged me in new ways. Even with the band's formation, I pretty much cold called Dustin and Karmin and asked if they would be into starting a group with me — that's definitely something I wouldn't do normally but I'm sort of like an adult now and it's good to shake it up sometimes ya know? I asked them because I enjoyed the other bands that they have been involved with and because for some reason it felt really important for me to collaborate with musicians I have never worked with before. So here we are! Brutal Poodle! I am writing lot of new music these days and I'm planning for
Long Time No See to be the first instalment of many BP recordings to come in the future. So carve out a bit of Internet time to give us a listen and for all you Heads out there, our cassette would love to meet your Walkman on November 3. Enjoy!

As previously reported, Johnston's ViewMaster recently released their Alternative Classics tape via Alarum Records.

Long Time No See:

1. Amateurs Of The Universe

2. Summer Of '89

3. Space Is Displaced

4. Charlene

5. Anna's Gone

6. Broadcast