Shiner Making Love E.P.

Originally a limited run, self-released EP, this five-song collection is finally seeing the light of day for those outside of record collector circles through Anodyne and it’s pretty fucking awesome. Included here are live versions of "Fetch a Switch,” "Third Gear Scratch,” "He/She” and "Cake,” and each bristles with the live energy that Shiner always capture on record but can obviously only be felt during genuinely live performances. For those unfamiliar with the band’s abrasive sonic assault, this rough-edged collection may not be the best starting point but any fans of Shiner’s entirely unique chord structures, vaguely eerie, violent melodies and angular riffs will enjoy these balls-out performances. The closer here is a studio recording of Bad Company’s "Feel Like Making Love,” which ends up sounding exactly like a Shiner song should, only with slightly goofier lyrics. (Anodyne)