No Reservations Main Stage, Sudbury ON, July 6

No Reservations Main Stage, Sudbury ON, July 6
Photo: Sarah Greene
Those who arrived early for an all-Indigenous lineup Thursday night (July 6) were treated to a locally historic moment: '90s Sudbury band No Reservations reunited for the first time in over 15 years; family and friends were clearly in the audience.

The six-member band, who were nominated for a Juno in 1997 for their debut album, Necessary, wouldn't have been out of place on a bill with '90s folk-rockers like Blue Rodeo, Crash Vegas and the Tragically Hip, but like the contemporary artists they set the stage for (and were sharing the stage with), they mixed traditional music and Indigenous themes with rock music.
With three singers taking turns on lead, a poet/lyricist guitarist (Mark Seabrook) and various members contributing to the tunes, you could tell that No Reservations was a collaborative endeavour. A dancer in a black crow costume floated around during a song about a Shape-shifter offering hugs to whoever was nearby (including this reviewer) and the vibe was celebratory, if a little sombre at point. The band played a song about a cousin of one of the members who was murdered, while "Nagagamasis" was a song about ancestors.
They closed with "Dreamcatcher" a song off their second album, Hollywood Indian, featuring chanting and drumming.