James Getting Away With It... Live

Though they've been together since the beginning of time (or so it seems), Manchester's James are packing it in, and to let everyone know they've released a live double album of just about every song you know and more. Getting Away With It... Live, recorded in their hometown, is everything anyone could want in a live album from James, yet like most live albums it is unfulfilling. The sound is distant a lot of the time and the crowd is present throughout, but those are usual staples of live recordings. The track listing is the only thing that makes this collection a must for fans. All of the hits, like "Sometimes," "Born of Frustration," "She's A Star," "Come Home" and "Say Something" are included, as well as older and lesser-known fan favourites like "God Only Knows." Their two biggest singles, "Laid" and "Sit Down," see the audience participating, which has its charm, but if the performance of the song is what you want to hear, the crowd can get on the nerves quite easily. Getting Away With It... Live is James's swansong, and a suitable one. Since the band has already milked everything, releasing both a best of and a b-sides album in the recent past, why not try and get more money from the fans with a mediocre live record? (Sanctuary (UK))