Ghostface Killah Incites Beatdown After Calling Out Heckler

Ghostface Killah Incites Beatdown After Calling Out Heckler
Wu-Tang legend Ghostface Killah doesn't exactly take shit from anyone — a fact that was reinforced when he dealt with a heckler at a recent show in Texas.

A young man in the front row was intent on giving Pretty Toney a hard time as he performed. Rather than ignore the hate, Ghostface opted to call him out in front of the audience.

"I dare you to step right there," Ghostface said. "All that don't mean nothing. Step right there, I will pound you out. Early. It's Friday night? This thing will go to sleep early."

Making his frustration clear, he clarified just what the heckler was doing. "He was giving my the middle finger all night, like this," Ghostface said, erecting a middle finger of his own. "Telling me to eat a dick. I tried to ignore him."

The call-out inspires the heckler's surrounding audience members to lay him out, landing a few hard hits to the head. As the punches are thrown, Ghostface's hype man tells the crowd to "chill," but Ghostface himself seems pleased with the scuffle, repeating "thank you" over and over again. The dejected detractor is then ejected by security.

Watch the scene as it unfolds below, and let this be a lesson to any would-be Ghostface trolls.