Ghostface Killah "The Sure Shot (Parts One & Two)"

Ghostface Killah 'The Sure Shot (Parts One & Two)'
Ghostface Killah and Adrian Younge have bumped their impending Soul Temple Records set Twelve Reasons to Die to April 12, but that's still over a month away. If you're dying to hear more new tunes, the duo have uploaded a stream of the soul-sampling "The Sure Shot (Parts One & Two)."

While full of lax, reverberated six-string loops, it's the track's punchy break that suits Ghostface's venomous flow about hucking dead dudes off of tugboats, cleaving his enemies' finger tips and arranging home invasions. The second part of the song dips into a melody built around some mean and muddy piano and fuzz guitar as the rapper riffs about lurking in the shadows.

You can check out the Wallabee Champ's violent fever dream down below.