Ghostface Killah "Enemies All Around Me" (ft. William Hart of the Delfonics)

Ghostface Killah 'Enemies All Around Me' (ft. William Hart of the Delfonics)
Wu-Tang rhymer Ghostface Killah's latest endeavour is Twelve Reasons to Die, and ahead of that album's April 16 release date via Soul Temple Records, we can now listen to the LP track "Enemies All Around Me."

This Adrian Younge-produced number features William Hart of the Delfonics, and it sets Ghostface's start-stop flow against an ominous, spaghetti western-tinged backdrop. This makes good on a press release's initial promise that the collection evokes Italian composer Ennio Morricone. Even the questionably in-tune falsetto singing during the choruses can't undermine the cinematic, drama-filled mood.

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