Efterklang "Raincoats" (video)

Efterklang 'Raincoats' (video)
They just don't make TV theme songs like they used to. Golden Girls, Full House, Good Times -- those quick ditties told us all about close friends, fun-loving families and, well, the good times. "Raincoats," a moody, low-key percussion jam from Danish indie rockers Efterklang, certainly doesn't conjure up those same fluffy feelings.

The cyclical chants on the tune are more melancholy than merry. As the opening theme to Danish web series Robin Färdig, though, we guess it makes sense.

Efterklang's new video pulls all sorts of highlights from the show. From the teenage protagonist stripping to his skivvies outside of his school, to getting hassled by some bullies, to awkwardly talking to his crush to, well, him stripping down to his skivvies again for a panicked late-night jog, the series seems set on presenting all angles of our tender years. And, yes, some of it isn't cheery. Just like this song.

You can watch episodes of Robin Färdig here.