Sperry Is Releasing a Full Line of 'Jaws' Shoes

Sperry Is Releasing a Full Line of 'Jaws' Shoes
Having turned 40 last year, Steven Spielberg's seminal Jaws is now at the age where it can really start pulling off a nice pair of boat shoes. Fortunately, Sperry has stepped up to the plate with a full line of kicks.

The long-running boat shoe company is set to release six different Jaws-themed sneakers next month, and they run from subtle designs to ridiculous, over-the-top shark shoes. 

The shoes will all come housed in a fancy box, complete with bloody tissue paper. 

The Jaws shoes will be available on the Sperry website on May 5 before making their way to retailers in June.

Check out all six pairs below [via Slashfilm].